Comprehensive Engagement

Transitional Care Support

Chronic Care Management

24/7 Access to Care

For All Patients

TribeHealth partners with healthcare organizations to engage and support all patients across the care continuum– regardless of insurance, health status, or socioeconomic factors.


Our fully at-risk programs have no cost to providers or health systems.

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Elevate Performance
& Enhance Care


Empower Clinicians

Reclaim clinical time at the bedside and focus on delivering high-quality care.


Generate Revenue

Strategically generate revenue in both FFS and VBC arrangements with end-to-end compliance, claims submission, and revenue cycle management.


Increase Health Equity

Improve access to care and raise the bar for engagement and support across your entire population, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.


TribeHealth is a fully at-risk strategic partner.

We operate value-based care programs  that generate revenue, improve quality, and decrease the total cost of care with no expense to providers.

Our care managers support patients across the care continuum.


Update & Connect Providers

We integrate with providers’ existing structure to exchange critical patient information. As we engage and provide support across a population, TribeHealth shares relevant updates with all providers involved with the patient’s care.


Personalized Care Management & Engagement

We recognize that every patient is unique. From clinical conditions, to social determinants, to communication preferences, TribeHealth analyzes amounts of patient data from various sources to create a longitudinal care plan that supports all active and anticipated needs.


Identify Revenue Opportunities

Our value-based program generates revenue back to our partnering provider organizations. TribeHealth’s sophisticated data engines are able to identify care management programs and opportunities to address patient needs. As we provide ongoing support, we can generate revenue for our partners through completion of these activities. We handle all patient activity, from enrollment in relevant programs to end-to-end management of revenue cycle and compliance activities.


Risk-Based Strategy

We aggregate all patient and provider data to deliver insights on population level needs and vulnerabilities. This data is key to defining and expanding a risk-based strategy for the provider. TribeHealth implements a proactive approach to managing these challenges across a provider population and assists in evaluating risk-based program participation.

Our Partners

We partner with a variety of healthcare providers, organizations and systems to generate revenue and improve quality through ongoing engagement and support of their patients.


Health Systems


Value Based Programs


Physician Groups

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TribeHealth believes all patients deserve equal and fair access to quality health care.

Studies show about 78% of patients leave the hospital with an incomplete understanding of their discharge and return instructions. In addition, about 75% of patients struggle with taking their medications as directed. On top of these clinical barriers, patient outcomes are also greatly impacted by challenges with transportation, food, housing, and other social determinants of health. It is estimated that 3.6 million people in the United States do not obtain medical care due to transportation issues. Ongoing support for patients transitioning home after discharge and beyond is paramount to promoting better patient outcomes. 

TribeHealth focuses on increasing health care accessibility and improving quality outcomes by addressing these barriers that patients encounter throughout the care continuum. We offer our support to every patient, regardless of location, diagnoses, or payer, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Everyone deserves support and everyone deserves quality care.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear

What payers do you work with?

TribeHealth is payer agnostic. We provide services to an entire population of a health system or provider regardless of payer or insurance status.

Can you operate in my state?

Yes, TribeHealth operates in all US states and territories.

Who is communicating with my patients?

TribeHealth uses a combination of automation and clinical resources to communicate with your patient population. We employ and manage licensure requirements for physicians, medical assistants, nurses, and social workers.